The South African Dance Teachers Association (SADTA) was officially registered as a company in Pretoria on the 12th September 1935! 

That means that we have been supporting and training dance teachers in South Africa for more than 80 years! 

"We strive to qualify teachers and help them improve their dance teaching skills"

We are here to help educate and qualify our teachers through training and examinations as they strive to better themselves and the skills of their dancers. 

Our examiners are trained in their field of dance, have successfully passed numerous dance exams, have successfully marked and completed the required number of mock exams and have years of teaching and adjudicating experience behind them.

Line Dancing, Ballroom & Latin Dancing, Belly Dancing, Social Dancing and Freestyle Dancing are some of the dance styles that fall under our umbrella.

The SADTA requires its members to abide by our Code of Conduct which has been laid down by the SADTA Council to promote a sense of solidarity amongst its members.