Line Dancing


  • Never come onto the dance floor carrying drinks, glasses, cans or lit cigarettes.
  • Never stay on the floor to talk - if the music has started, step OFF the dance floor to chat.
  • When dancing near beginners - be mindful and courteous and do not distract them. Remember - YOU too were once a BEGINNER!
  • Don't start a different (split floor) dance unless there is plenty of room and you sense it is acceptable.  Good idea to try in one of the back corners.
  • Remember the dance floor is for EVERYONE.  Try to leave the outside lane around the floor clear for couples dancers.
  • Couples dancing around the outside lane have the right of way.  Don't block their progress
  • When dancing around the floor, the line of dance (LOD) is anti-clockwise, never dance against the LOD.
  • If the floor is crowded, be considerate and take small steps, enjoy the company but watch for collisions with dancers around you.
  • If you should bump into someone, it is customary to apologise whether it is your fault or not.  ALWAYS be courteous!
  • Should you accidentally knock over someone's drink - replace it immediately.
  • If possible, start a new line rather than join one which will block the outside lanes for couples dancing.
  • Don't be tempted to stop dancing to teach someone who is battling with a dance, especially if there is no room.  Try to teach OFF or AWAY from the dance floor.
  • Never walk through a line of dancers to cross the dance floor - always walk around the floor or wait until there is an opportunity to safely cross.  Especially relating to children, many dancers have tripped over children who are not aware of correct and proper floor etiquette or not disciplined by their parents.
  • Remember everyone was once a beginner - if you can dance, do try to be helpful and encouraging to newcomers.
  • When starting off the dance (provided you KNOW it) it is polite to go to the FRONT so that others can fall in behind you to avoid "broken" lines.  Keep lines equal and STRAIGHT.
  • Do not encroach on other’s dancers “space”.  To  avoid bumping into them - always ensure you maintain a safe distance all around you, as should they.
  • Kindly dispose of your cold drink and water bottles and litter before leaving a venue.
  • Keep your head up, keep smiling and enjoy yourselves!