Line Dancing


How do you tell what level dancer you are?

Well, there are a couple of things to consider.  

  • The fact that you’ve been dancing for 2 years or more doesn’t automatically make you and Advanced dancer.  
  • It’s what you are able to accomplish that dictates your level. For instance, can you learn a dance quickly, managing all the tricky parts with the fancy footwork? If not, then you are actually still Improver level, even after 2 years.
  • Just because you’ve been doing classes for 4 months doesn’t mean that you’re not Beginner level any more.  You can stay at Beginner level until your feet can move through the steps easily without being impeded by incorrect weight distribution.
  • Trying to advance quickly just for the sake of learning more dances could put you in the position of struggling later on due to not having a sound knowledge of the basic movements and steps i.e. quantity not quality!  By the same token, if you do aspire to move up the ladder, it helps to dance more often.  In that way you will certainly speed up the process and get where you want to be.

Always remember, if you ARE a more experienced dancer who attends the Beginner level class, you will have to be satisfied with a whole bunch of easy dances without complaining.  It’s their time, and never forget, that you too were once a beginner.